May 19, 2019
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After The Death Of 1,Los Angeles, Dozens Of Innocent Are Freed


No hostages were seriously harmed.

Almost two hours before the hostages take place, the police say that the person shot his grandmother seven times and injured another woman, who forced the car. The police followed the car and extended the fire with the person, who fell out in the city’s Silver Lail section, dropped out in the pool and ran inside.

Covering some customers and workers, such as police shooters were shot in stock filled with stock glass doors. Inside some supermarket, some windows climbed up and others interrupted themselves in the room as police and firefighters and 18 ambulance scene moved to a normal and prepared massacre.

Strongly armed officers stood up with the side of the store, with armed officers standing and tried to help those who were internally disturbed by recognizing their 40 to 50 hostages.

About 6:30 pm, the person agreed to handle himself and went out of the front door surrounded by four gates. An unknown person, who said that the police said about 28, was immediately arrested. The police said he had a wound.
Mayor Eric Guarantee congratulated police and firefighters for their work, and his death was in the life of traders who lived in the life.

Today the heroism shown today was the second and the teams who were able to answer, were involved in keeping the protector safe and engaging with a suspect, today no doubt is being saved. “Hunting”
The police are not sure that the vehicle has followed and driven the vehicle due to initial violence. Mother said around 1:30 pm, the suspect shot his grandmother and another lady in southern Los Angeles home and then forced the second woman into her grandmother. Another woman suffered a wound while the grandmother was in critical condition.

Moore said the authorities were able to track the car using Lozecake – a stolen vehicle tracking system – and the officers tried to stop defeat in Hollywood, but he ended up with man Refused. During the pursuit, suspected officers shot fire behind the window behind their car.

Moore said out of the outside shop, the police again expanded the fire with the police and shot the woman. It was not clear that if they were shot dead or killed by guns. Moore said police and firefighters responded quickly but not to save it.

The authorities said that six people, from 12 to 81, took the hospital to the hospital. No one was shot and all were in a good condition.

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