June 18, 2019
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Display of Samsung galaxy note 9 design in the official press render


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is officially being revealed on August 9. Recently a lot of leaks and they all assure that design changes and some upgrades to be done below some hoods.
By Twitter @Wellx and Sussex, set the test press unit’s new press render and real pictures. Both of them confirm that when the new note 9 will be an incredible siege compared to its predecessor, things have changed into the backward parts of the equipment.

A poster was leaked a little while ago but was not confirmed, note 9 with Jack also holds a new color scheme, compared to the size of the pen in different colors. The latest press releases resize has confirmed that with some other changes.
Note 9 will have a fingerprint sensor set in the east and only dual cameras are set. The fingerprint sensor also looks very small in size.

The dual camera setup will have two different camera sensors, and placed on the right side of the heart rate monitor and LED flash cameras. Likewise, the note 9 shows pictures in coral blue and in this color, backup setup on backup appears to be unusual.

The lectures have also confirmed that this new galaxy note 9 holds a different color scheme when it comes to body and its pen. Samsung is speaking that this is the Bluetooth in the new ss pen.

For the remaining specifications, it will pack a Snapdragon 845 or Exynos 9810 CPU which will be paired with 6 or 8GB rams. Note 9 will have 6.4 inches super AMOLED curved display. Dual cameras set up on backup will offer different camera sensors. Note 9 to 4,000 MHz battery is expected.

Keep tuned for more about Samsung Galaxy Note 9 updates.

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