June 18, 2019
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Government has increase RD on the import of mobile phones

During the 2018-19 period, with the estimation of 4.4 billion rupees in this manner, the government has decided to increase Regulatory Duty (RD) on the import of the Cell phones in (Amendment) Bill 2018 for any brand of $ 60 or above the cellular phones.

Senior officials told the media that the government has proposed to increase the RD rate within 10-20 percent of the imports of expensive mobile phones. More than $ 60 fewer cell phones usually get Rs 250 Rd will be charged.

Before the Parliament government, the Finance (Amendment) bill has been presented before 2018, however, the Finance Ministry cannot be submitted to date, but the RD has increased for 2018-19.

The government has imposed 314 new customs tariff lines (5-20%) to find luxury and unnecessary items and better RD (10-15%) on the current customs tariff lines.

Through the Finance Appendix (Amendment) Bill, 2018, the Government has increased tax burden on certain specific areas such as tobacco, vehicles and mobile phones, and from some tax concerns given to business and individuals.

Latest Duties:

It is the government’s desire to be introduced fairly in its financial measures, especially in relation to things where both the rich and the poor behave like. According to the FBR, RD is an effective tool to promote the current and current position of the domestic manufacturing sector and promote an alternative replacement. By the end, RD is being expanded to include additional luxury for unnecessary items.

A clear example of non-equality is the duty of 250 rupees instead of its value on the import of mobile phone (Rs 3,000-4000) and a high-end smartphone (Rs 100,000) are same. The RD structure needs to be revised properly.

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