May 20, 2019
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Netflix shares tank after huge Miss on Subscription Development


Netflix’s subscription rate decreased from Monday’s expectations on Monday, usually, the high-speed stock shares are less than 14% lower than the company’s fastest expansion.

Streaming video pioneer has presented 5.2 million clients from April to June for more than 1 million years before Reuters, because he added the “Lost Space” and the new edition of “Jessica Jones” and “13 reasons why” of Marcus. Are there

Netflix told the recipients in a quarterly letter, “We did not have a strong but stable Q2.”
Netflix said the new “expected” project is expected to be more “expected”. The company said it has minimized seven of the past 10 quarters.

Prior to the revenue report, Netflix shares got 109%, and it performed second highest on the S & P 500 index. Net profit fell by $ 24.2 billion and $ 400.48 in the following trading business market on Monday, up 14% to $ 343.60.

“The investment went down in the dramatic fire that has been destroyed by Netflix’s Q2 projection. Eric Shaffer, Chief Executive Officer of Private Associate Firms, Petrich said future acquisition was suspicious and estimated their prices. Has gone

Wall Street claimed that Netflakes would be considered an increasingly growing entertainment online around the world to promote sustainable development. The company is spending hack for new users, $ 8 billion for programming and $ 2 billion for marketing in 2018.

According to Reuters, the network incorporated 670,000 users in the United States by reducing the estimated 1.19 million analysts.
He has internationally signed 4.47 million users, while analysts expecting 4.97 million.

The high financial officer, David Wells, said on the webcast through the postage revenue that most expected estimates “are very broad in many markets”.

The process expressed confidence in the long-term health of the deprived service. Chief Executive Reed Hastings said that the hours of media viewing are rising, although they did not provide details.

Hastings said “has never been strong enough.”

Analyst James¬†McQuivey said that the results of the quarter “business are not the overall softening.”

“It’s still millions of new users, even if they have not fulfilled the expectations that have been set by the last two quarters, which were extraordinary,” he said.
The earnings in 85 cents per share, pushing a consciously about 79 cent analysts. Total income rose by 40.2 percent to 3.91 billion dollars analysts expecting $ 3.94 billion.

For the current quarter, Netflix has offered that it will include 5 million customers. It’s a big push in India. From the beginning of this month, he debuted Indian films, “holy sports” for the first time, with a wide range of new shows in the Bollywood entertainment market.
The hacking said that the company would “adjust” the operating margin to adjust the account for a foreign exchange rate.

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