May 21, 2019
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On 20th anniversary, Google is updating its search engine

Google is updating its popular search engine during its 20th birthday, with the new features host that will search for online content. Google announced that it was driving its artificial intelligence capabilities to provide Google Search smart videos with new “Featured videos” cards. These will begin to play videos in the results, one by one – but only show short sections of the video that you are looking for.

The search engine remains very same in years. You type in your search query and then you get a white page that includes links to different websites. But now Google has decided to make some great chances in the search engine.

To keep the audience plug-in on the site, Google has decided to add more to the empty white space, with which you just need to do more than just search the web pages.

Mobile page for Google will now show a new version of the Google feed that has been converted into “Discover”. The ideas have been changed, this page will be shown articles and pages based on your internet habits and search queries. Google is also re-setting up its feed for recommended content, which appears in the Google screen or home screen of Google’s pixel devices.

“Enhanced Topic” is another new feature, which offers additional information on the search query. For example, if you search for “cat”, the app “will bring you more tips on how to” bath “and” name “.

Google is working to make its search engines more accessible for the younger generation, which is expected to see the interface like social media with images and on-the-art content.

Another feature will be AI to recognize the contents of a photo, plugin in Google Photos. Image search has been changed, before using its tools, it will use more tools to rank web pages.

There are a lot more things on which Google is working and you will see those changes in the coming days.

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