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Pakistan’s 4G broadband speed is faster as compared to India


Despite these challenges, to promote Pakistan information technology and to bring more and more people online, Oklahoma International Internet Speed Gasing Platform said that more than 4 GB of Pakistan’s broadband India Is fast.

Pakistan speed test is ranked 96th in the world’s fastest download speed on mobile broadband, with 14.03 megabytes per meter (Mbps) per second. According to the highest speed network of Oklahoma – according to the Global Leader in fixed broadband and mobile network testing applications, data and analysis, it is far better than India in the 109th place with an average of 9.12 MBps. Is.
According to the website, the speed of mobile internet download speed is at average 23.54 MBps.

According to Open Sesel, according to Open Coverage, Indian operators are already concentrating on arriving at 4G faster than injection in the current 4G service.

A report in the Indian Economic Economic Economic Times says smartphone usage has increased with 358 million mobile Internet users and more users are coming online.

Due to the vast area, India is a high dimension because customers are one of the slowest internet access.
The latency is the duration taken by a data packet for the user’s device and the transfer of the Internet server. High dimension, user internet experience is low.

The 3G / 4G users of Pakistan stand up 56 million tons of camels with 56 million, meaning that 25% of the population has not yet arrived, especially in Balochistan. In this province, 46% of the population does not have access to mobile, wireless or fixed line networks.
Universal Service Foundation (UFO), which provides funds from all cell phone service providers to increase the telecom infrastructure, provides 50 billion subsidies to mobile operators for various projects in telecom areas. Is it

Five of its six fiber optic projects are those who can get better facilities in the future.

However, in the fixed Internet, Pakistan is better than Pakistan because the average of 23.27 MBP is 62nd with speed and Pakistan is 7.55 MW in the 122nd place.

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