May 19, 2019
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Pakistan’s Internet access remains the lowest among South Asia


After gaining access to the Internet is Pakistan ranked on 68th place in Pakistan, despite the fact that the country attached great importance to the telecommunications infrastructure satisfactory pace.
State Bank of Pakistan, according to reports, referring to the 2018 Index of the individual Internet industry intelligence unit of Aosta, in terms of performance standards, stood at 54.5, which is more than 100 in the South Asian average.

Status was considered four dimensions to this: availability, stability, compatibility, and preparation. Pakistan has shown average performance of all the poor.

The availability of infrastructure index dimensions, power, use, and compare countries’ performance according to the indicators of quality to provide Internet access.

Pakistan’s overall rating is the lowest, 77, is due mainly to poor quality.

There is a huge difference in the number of Internet users in the country, men, and women. In fact, in one of the world’s lowest rates of gender access in Pakistan, rates of Internet access in 266% of the difference between men and 121.2 percent in favor of mobile ownership. This is the challenge currently policy in the light of the national final inclusion strategy (NFIS).

Preparation of the customer, which led to poor literacy rates and most advanced country in the minimum score digital signage web access environment. However, high (NFC FIA’s why) and confidence (the numerous efforts of the government in Pakistan is 15th in the world, strong and existence of regulations and safety protocols in the parameters policy beneficiaries) helped to improve the overall dimensions of the status of any country until the 68th.
Pakistan has participated in 23 joint categories, the first wireless operators as well as other countries. Performed by users, however, due to high mobile phone purchase costs and lower tariffs after a pre and post is on the lower level. Finally, a synchronized parameter is the extent of local people and relevant content available online initiatives.

3G / 4G services, mobile telecom operators additional increase in broadband subscriptions in the country. It has to e-commerce to expand the scale, distribution of agricultural knowledge easy and open the door for various urban citizens (G2C) services, the provision of services to enable online access.
In overall terms, therefore it is necessary that can increase coverage by improving the digital infrastructure, although beneficial for the overall development of the country, will not be enough until the demand from students is not agreed on by many factors. , Gender equality, and exclusive content generation and availability. The policy was introduced in 2017 to develop digital Pakistan welcomes in this regard. However, according to the terms of individual Internet access will require focused and sustained efforts to improve poor performance by the Pakistan impractical.

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