June 18, 2019
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PayPal Or Similar Payment Service Will Be Introduced in 3 to 4 Months

PayPal is a leading online payment platform that has been demanded several times by freelancers in Pakistan. It is mainly useful for freelancers who work for international companies and pay abroad without paying any currency transfers. Another use is to pay online advertising platforms or buy any online services.

To provide an online payment system to Pakistan, the federal government might invite PayPal, an American company running online payment system worldwide.

Asad Umar, the current finance minister of the government, said PayPal or similar payment service will be launched in Pakistan within 4 months. In a TV interview, Asad Umer discussed his views on how to create more jobs in Pakistan and the strategy to increase export, currently, Pakistan needs to improve its export because of trade deficit.

On Facebook and other social media platforms, especially IT-related professionals welcomed the announcement of the Finance Minister, adding that the online payment system would make a huge impact in the local industry.

But such promises are not new by the governments. In past, Information Technology Minister Anusha Rahman also revealed that the government was trying to invite global online payment agencies PayPal and Ali pay to start their services in Pakistan. However, neither PayPal nor Ali pay is working in Pakistan.

Alibaba Group is working with 60 million companies worldwide and approximately 300,000 users from Pakistan signed the Chinese company for transactions and for other services.

Pakistan is in a bad economic condition, which can make a lot of work to control the major budget deficit. Asad Umer said that there is a lot of talented youth in Pakistan. They require a payment platform, such as PayPal, to bring dollars from freelance work.

He also said in the interview that big investments and giant enterprises do not create jobs or increase exports. They are a way of investing and bringing to the capital, they bring technical development

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