May 20, 2019
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Suzuki to stop producing Mehran vx from December 2018


Many people have to know that pak Suzuki is finally placing plugins on Suzuki Mehran V. X. This company officially announced a last-minute publication, which will then stop producing hatchback.
As seen in a country issued by the Suzuki dealership in the country, the company has been able to reduce only one type of varieties, VX, which has a low-end version with low features and small price tags.

This means that the VXR variety, which comes with an air conditioner and other small fixes will continue in 2019.
Pure Suzuki is still ready to produce some units and has decided to completely stop manufacturers at Mehran VX this year’s end. The company will need to manage additional units and to effectively manage their parts, additional components are to be used to erase any additional features.

Suzuki is a globally non-stable hatchback. Pakistan is the only country that still prepares it in 2018. It has been internationally closed in the 90s.

This time, pak Suzuki took this step. However, the company VXR does not lose the variables, and still wants to get some extras-minutes sales out. The auto sector of Pakistan is about being more diverse because many companies have confirmed to enter the auto market.

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