June 18, 2019
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The production cost of the iPhone XS Max is less than half of its price

Apple launched three iPhones this month, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone XS, and iPhone XR. The iPhone XS Max is Apple’s most expensive iPhone, the base model starts at $ 1099.

Currently, iPhone XS Max is the most expensive smartphone in the world. Apple is a luxury brand without any doubt for its loyal customers.

According to tech insights, when we calculate all the cost accrued in the making of iPhone XS max is only $443. Yes, you heard that right the  Price is $ 443 for making iPhone XS Max 256 GB, while its retail value is $ 1249, so Apple is making $ 806 profit. Here is the comparison of iPhone x and iPhone xs max below;

pic via Tech insider

Despite the price tag of $ 1099, it seems that consumers are not worried about it, because the iPhone XS MAX is selling in large numbers and apple is earning good profit. It appears that the iPhone XS Max has made more than four times sells than the iPhone X since its launch.

However, the price only includes the phone to be built, and not secondary, such as supply chain, after-sale sales, etc.

As you expect, a larger portion of the price comes from the display, which is slightly higher than $ 80 (last year’s $ 77). Before it is big. Apple dropped $ 10 slightly by removing some components associated with Touch, which helped keep a little lower cost.

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