May 22, 2019
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Uber is looking at a potential market of Pakistan for flying cars

Uber Technologies, one of the largest names of worldwide riding hailing services is looking at Pakistan as a potential market for the launch of its upcoming premier technology ‘Uber Elevate’.

Anthony Le Roux, a regional manager of the Middle East and Africa, is also considering Pakistan as a potential market for flying cars. The company is working on a model to make flying cars using vertical take-off technology, which is named Uber Elevate.

In addition, the company is also working on self-driving vehicles for which it is using all types of technologies, radars, and algorithm to understand mechanisms, which will help to get from one place to another.

Anthony Le Roux said Although it will take a few years to start flying cars around the world, Pakistan is in the list of countries where its service is intended to fully test and launch.

Le Roux told that Pakistan has accepted the services that the company has started with it. Within 8 major Pakistani cities, uber is very fast about its possibilities. The company is also going to launch its food delivery service in Pakistan soon called ‘uber eat’.

In the meantime, Uber the ride-sharing app has increased its product limit to five services and is working in eight major cities in Pakistan. Despite the problems, uber has suffered international markets last year, Lee Roux says his Pakistani arm is not negatively impressed.

The company did not share any data related to the company’s financial position or operational development, Le Roux said that uber is currently a network of more than 30,000 drivers and users in Pakistan.

He also said that there was no significant impact of international issues in Pakistan because the country fell in a new market category. “There was a real impact in the markets where we had a long presence”.Here, people are still focusing on getting new investment products.

Facing regulatory challenges

Le Roux said “Uber knows very well about regulatory challenges. We work with different transport and tax regulations in different markets so that they make an effort to make sure that they are a factor in business development. The framework should support the digital economy, promote foreign direct investment and tax enterprises in Pakistan. ”

If the rider or driver feels that the tax is too high on the platform, resulting in interest in the platform may end. It is to inform regulators as well as the ride-related enterprises to the consensus on price and development.

He also said that we always ready to work with Pakistani regulatory authorities in this matter.

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